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The Penalties of Cheating Around the World

01/27/2012 12:49
  Adultery has been a part of society since ancient times, and as such different parts of the world treat cheating differently than others.   In the United States, laws vary by state with the harshest potential penalty a life sentence in Michigan -- although this is rarely if ever...

Divorce May Hinder Your Kids School Performance

08/04/2011 16:25
It may not be a surprise however new studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are showing that divorce can and most likely will affect your kids performance in school. In a recent study, it was determined that many children who perform well in the pre-divorce period usually begin to lag...

Ashley Madison Dating Site Survey

04/05/2011 14:54
Two reporters recently did investigative work regarding the cheating website known as Ashley Madison.  What they found was that the number of men that cheat is about twice as high as the number of women, however there was a surprise finding.  That was the majority of men on the site were...

Press Groups in California Back Court Transparency Legislation

04/01/2011 04:25
SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - A group of press and open government groups in California are backing a court transparency bill recently introduced by state Senator Leland Yee requiring that court administrators give the public and news reporters prompt access to newly filed public documents. ...
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