Divorce May Hinder Your Kids School Performance

08/04/2011 16:25

It may not be a surprise however new studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are showing that divorce can and most likely will affect your kids performance in school.

In a recent study, it was determined that many children who perform well in the pre-divorce period usually begin to lag behind their peers in math as well as social skills after divorce.

The reasoning for this can be associated with a number of contributing factors. Many children internalize their feelings and emotions during their parents divorce proceedings which may lead to anxiety, loneliness and a lowered sense of self worth.  It is also common that divorced parents move away from their town which can add another void in your child's life if they are not near their closest friends.

The most unfortunate finding of this study is that it is difficult for the child to catch up to their peers in terms of academic performance and social interactions.

With this in mind I ask all parents that are going through a divorce to consider their children when deciding how to move forward. Make sure that you have a support system in place for them to talk about what they are going through, in addition to making sure they maintain a level of comfort in the classroom. If you are stressed, try not to expose your frustrations to your kids and do everything you can to ensure their success in the future.


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