The Penalties of Cheating Around the World

01/27/2012 12:49


Adultery has been a part of society since ancient times, and as such different parts of the world treat cheating differently than others.
In the United States, laws vary by state with the harshest potential penalty a life sentence in Michigan -- although this is rarely if ever prosecuted. This is due to a Supreme Court decision in 1965 which gave consenting adults more privacy in relation to their sexual decisions.
In some European countries, cheating on your spouse can lead to what is known as a vendetta with jail time, however the majority of Europe decriminalized adultery.
Asia is a different story, where adultery continues to be a crime in North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.  Even more harsh are Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, where you may receive a death by stoning penalty for spousal infidelity.
This has become a controversial topic in these countries because a woman who has been raped must provide an inordinate amount of proof that she wasn't cheating, including no less than four eyewitnesses.
Even more bizarre are codes in certain countries that continue to allow honor killings to be legal. An honor killing essentially grants you immunity if you murder a family member who has committed adultery and disgraced your name. These can be found in the Penal Code of countries around the world, including some in Africa, Asia and South America.
While the Western world has a more lenient view on adultery, there are always going to be consequences if you stray from your spouse. Before you find yourself in this situation, make sure that you know how these consequences may affect your life moving forward.