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Those investigative companies who do not specifically specialize in cheating investigations will get caught right away.  Believe it or not it is a fine art to be able to follow someone without detection.  It will not take long before your spouse looks in his/her side mirrors or rearview mirror and recognizes that the same vehicle has been tailing him/her; once your investigator is detected it is over and you will probably never learn the truth; never!  Therefore, if price is your driving factor and you are looking for the cheapest company then Magnum Investigations, LLC is not the company for you.  On the contrary if you are looking for results without getting caught then there really is only one choice- Magnum Private Investigators NJ.  We err on the side of caution and will not jeopardize getting caught at your expense.  You do not get a second chance with these investigations; so remember you will get what you pay for!  Call today for a free no-obligation consultation (800) 688-9230.


Press Groups in California Back Court Transparency Legislation

04/01/2011 04:25
SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - A group of press and open government groups in California are backing a court transparency bill recently introduced by state Senator Leland Yee requiring that court administrators give the public and news reporters prompt access to newly filed public documents. ...